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Turning the Spindles & Tables

See the world’s most advanced CNC machines, more than 15 live demonstrations, more than 25 industry suppliers, and speak with Methods experts at our Sudbury, MA location.

While Methods has grown coast to coast over the last few decades, New England is our home base. It’s been too long since we’ve hosted an event here in Sudbury (MA). We welcome all our customers, partners, and anyone else interested in world-class CNC machining to attend and see how our machines, engineering, and services truly set us apart from the competition.

Brad Catyb, Methods New England General Manager

More than Machines – Solutions

That’s what we do. Discover new ways to reduce downtime, increase throughput, and achieve closer tolerances. That’s the Methods difference.


Industry leaders and machining experts will be sharing best practices.


Individual product demonstrations over the two days.


Speak with our experts about automation and other production applications.


Automation Solutions On Display

  • Methods Plus E
    • FANUC RoboDrill featuring fully integrated 32-pallet (400mm x 600mm) elevator system within 5.5 ft. x 2.5 ft. floor space
  • Methods Plus K
    • FANUC RoboDrill featuring fully integrated rotary carousel system that holds up to 44 extra tool positions and rotary carousel with 60 part/part carrier positions
    • Machine-tending solution for lathe automation. Run by operators of any skill level. To be featured with Nakamura-Tome turning centerRoboDrill PC2
  • Methods Job Shop Cell Collaborative
    • Mobile collaborative robotic solution for easy loading/unloading parts. To be featured with FANUC RoboDrill.
  • RoboDrill PC2
    • High-performance machining center, known worldwide as the most reliable machine manufactured today. Paired with the Kawatatec Pallet Changer for dual pallet automation.

Machine Tools On Display in Sudbury

    1. FANUC RoboDrill – 10K and 24K spindles variations
    2. FANUC ROBOCUT C400iC – Wire EDM
    3. FANUC ROBOCUT C600iC – Wire EDM
    4. Nakamura-Tome WY-150 – twin spindle, multitasking machine
    5. Nakamura-Tome MX-100 – compact, high-precision multitasking machine
      and turning center
    6. Yasda PX30i – 5-axis machining center holding up to 323 tools and 33 pallets
    7. KIWA KH4500kai – horizontal machining center
      • Compact, tight footprint HMC with field expandable ATC and APC
      • Over 1G acceleration/deceleration on all axes
    8. OKK HM-X6000 – horizontal machining center
      • Compact, high-power 50-taper with dual-anchored core chilled ball screws
      • Rigidity and strength to cut exotic metals
      • Ø 800 mm table
    9. OKK VC-X350 – 5-axis machining center
      • Extremely rigid platform for cutting hard metals including titanium and Inconel
    10. Methods MB450U – 5-axis machining center
      • Bridge-type platform with 15K, BIG Plus, 40-taper spindle with Air-Oil Lubrication, Spindle Chiller
    11. Methods MH320A – horizontal machining center
      • Full rotary B-axis HMC measuring 140 in. depth x 107 in. width including chip conveyor
    12. Weiler E50 – cycle-controlled lathe
      • Powerful conversational CNC universal lathe for Large Diameters and Lengths, and handles hard materials

Machine Tools On Display at the Methods Precision Center

  1. Yasda YBM 7Ti – 5-axis machining center ideal for aerospace work.
  2. Nakamura-Tome SC-100X²  – Twin-turret multitasking machine that utilizes two tools on either side of the upper turret for superimposed machining, making it a logical solution for Swiss-style parts greater than 25 millimeters in diameter.
  3. Nakamura-Tome MX-100
  4. Methods MV800H – 3-Axis Vertical Machining Center engineered and built to strict Methods specifications and quality standards

Meet with Tooling, Workholding, and Accessories Providers

In addition to the Methods team, meet with our fantastic partners from the following providers. (Updated August 7th)

Visit the Methods Precision Center

Our one-of-a-kind Precision Center located at 976 Main Street, Acton, Mass., will be open for visitors to explore each day.

Located approximately 30 minutes from our Sudbury location, the Methods Precision Center team will be on hand to show Machine Fest attendees the facility, discuss the history and purpose of the site, and how we collaborate with customers at the Precision Center to achieve the highest quality results in the industry.

Additional machines will onsite as well. (Machines are subject to change based on ongoing, active work)

Please note: Attendees will be responsible for transportation to and from the Precision Center from our Sudbury facility

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