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RoboCut C400iC Wire EDM RTS

The FANUC RoboCut C400iC wire cut EDM machine features the powerful FANUC 31i-WB control with new iHMI User Interface, enhanced Automatic Wire Feed System and an advanced all digital power supply. The economy mode is standard and allows for energy and wire usage savings. All CiC-Series machines burn with virtually no re-cast.

FANUC’s ultra reliable AWF3 system has been engineered to thread workpieces of up to 10″ thick. All RoboCut machines feature the patented twin servo automatic wire tension control ensuring accurate, straight parts. Above all, the RoboCut CiC-Series EDMs are built 100% in Japan and offer exceptional reliability that FANUC is known for worldwide.

This RTS (Ready to Ship) machine will be ready to ship to you within 5 days. Guaranteed.

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The FANUC RoboCut 400iC Wire EDM, a CNC machining solution sold by Methods Machine Tools
the inside of a FANUC RoboCut 400CiC Wire EDM machine sold by Methods Machine Tools as it manufactures a part
the wire thread of a FANUC RoboCut 400CiC Wire EDM machine sold by Methods Machine Tools as it manufactures a part
the FANUC RoboCut C600iC Wire EDM machine as it machines a part with the Fanuc logo
the inside of the FANUC RoboCut C600iC Wire EDM machine tool as the wire cuts a set of parts

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Discharge Control Ai2
  • Anti-recast Power Supply
  • 3D Coordinate System Rotation
  • Thermal Monitoring and Compensation
  • “Core Stitch” Slug Retention
  • Fully Integrated 4-axis and 5-axis for “Turn & Burn” Capability
  • Auto Wire Feeding AWF3
  • FANUC 31i-WB Controller with New iHMI User Interface
  • Wire Size: .004” to .012”
  • Inverter Controlled Chiller
  • CUT-LINKi Offline Cutting Monitor (STD)
  • Power Savings Mode
  • Rotary Glass Encoder (.000002”)
  • 2 Year Parts/1 Year Labor Standard Warranty

Technical Data


Machine Weight
4840 (2200) lbs (kg)

Robocut Specifications

Maximum Workpiece Size
28.7 x 24.8 x 10 (730x630x255) in (mm)
Maximum Workpiece Weight
1100 (500) lbs (kg)
U/V Travels
±2.362 (60) in (mm)
X/Y Axis Travels
15.7 x 11.8 (400 x 300) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
10.0 (255) in (mm)
Maximum Cutting Speed (Brass)
31 (788)
Auto Wire Feed (AWF3)
Wire Diameter
ø 0.004-0.012 (0.21-0.31) in (mm)
Maximum Wire Weight
66 (30) lbs (kg)
Positioning Accuracy
±.000004 in (.0001 mm)

Dielectric Tank

Tank Capacity
145 (550) gal (L)
Paper Filter (Cartridge Type)
2 quantity
Inverter Chiller

Power Supply

Digital Power Supply


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