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The Advantages of RoboDrill

Speed, precision, and quality show up time and time again no matter what you cut on the RoboDrill, whether you machine with the standard 3-axis setup, or you integrate a rotary table for 5-axis machining, or you scale up through Methods Automation.

  • RoboDrill spindles operate at 10K – 24K RPM vs. the competitive 30 taper machine’s spindle that maxes out at 16K on most models
  • RoboDrill’s 24K spindle achieves higher rigidity than the competitors 27K spindle
  • TCP with rotational axis compensation

  • Lifetime maintenance policy
  • 9-year mean time between failures on a RoboDrill vs. 5-year failure rate for competitive 30 taper
  • 5,000,000 tool changes on a RoboDrill before preventative maintenance is required (60-second cycle times, 2000 annual hours, at 60 parts per hour)

  • User-friendly FANUC control features advanced functions and user interfaces, conversational programming, and collision detection.
  • Easier programming for operators
  • Reduced risk for errors
  • Improved efficiency
  • High-speed, 0.08 ms skip function vs. 2.9 ms for competitive 30 taper machine

  • Methods is the premier FANUC integrator in the U.S.
  • We add rotary tables so you can achieve full 5-axis machining capability.
  • Methods uses trusted products from Tsudakoma, Häberle, and others to scale your production.
  • Enjoy higher gross margins and profitability when your machine, rotary tables, automation, and RoboDrill are all built, deployed, and serviced by one partner.

ready when you are

All RoboDrills are part of our RTS program, which gives you the choice to receive your RoboDrill when it fits your schedule.

Whether in 5 days or any time after, your RoboDrill will be ready when you are. Guaranteed.


The math is clear: To get the most value out of your floor space, the RoboDrill (especially when coupled with Methods Automation) delivers the fastest time to ROI and the most revenue.

Don’t believe us? We’ll show our work:


ROI Calculator

See how quickly you can expect our custom-engineered and automated CNC machines to deliver on your investment.

Calculate Your Automation ROI


Automated Solutions Available

Choose from a variety of custom automated FANUC RoboDrill solutions from Methods. Our team of automation experts collaborates with you every step of the way, from initial planning and selecting the right machines, to work-process design and application engineering, to the final on-site installation and proof of concept and capability.

RoboDrill Cutting Strength

30-taper Cuts Like a 40-taper

See how the FANUC RoboDrill handles hard metals.


RoboDrill Integrations

Unleash the Power of 5-Axis

See how Methods Machine Tools integrates 5-axis tables to scale the production capabilities of the FANUC RoboDrill.


See Proven Results

Job Shop Implements 5-Axis RoboDrill with Methods Automation to Fuel Growth

Operose founder Tyler Stilson wanted to increase his throughput with automation. His space at his at-home workshop was limited, and he needed something he could run lights-out.


Ready to get started? Our RoboDrill experts are standing by.