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Problem Solving at the Leading Edge of Machining

Our state-of-the-art Precision Center in Acton, Massachusetts is where our engineers achieve groundbreaking innovation in machine engineering. The facility’s vast, complex, and highly-controlled environment is deliberately designed for experimenting and testing the latest machining applications.

At the Precision Center, our engineers push the boundaries and limitations of today’s manufacturing technologies.


The Power of Collaborative Innovation

Our commitment to service drives our passion for creating world-class machining solutions, and the Precision Center enables even more immersive collaboration between Methods experts and our customers.

Machinists at work in Method's facilityWe want to be your ally in R&D, partnering to make a real impact on your business:

  • Working together on complex CNC engineering challenges
  • Exploring and discovering new opportunities for advanced machining applications
  • Solving the unsolvable problems that limit your shop’s productivity, efficiency, and ROI

Above all, we want to build lifetime customers and partners through dedication and integrity. At the Precision Center, you can expect our team will deliver on that promise.


Developing Groundbreaking CNC Solutions

As an advanced research and development facility, the Precision Center enables Methods to create the latest machining applications using cutting-edge technologies that are driving innovation in machine engineering and performance.

Our team also gets a head start on solving new or unique problems for customers, thanks to our company’s successful track record and long history of servicing and working closely with the world’s leading machine brands and automation technologies.

Through the Precision Center, we are able to leverage this wealth of experience to your advantage like never before.


Leveraging a World-Class Facility

Methods' Precision Center in Acton, MA

Machines at the Precision Center sit on isolation pads inside a climate-controlled room to eliminate variables for more accurate testing and experiments.

We specifically designed and engineered the Precision Center to provide advanced capabilities that serve the unique needs of modern manufacturers in many different industries.

Extreme Climate Control

Our 8,000 sq. ft. facility includes a precisely-controlled environment (temperature, humidity, and air pressure), critical for preventing thermal instability from influencing the accuracy of the machine’s performance during testing and experiments.

Engineered for Stability

The foundation under each machine in the lab is built using isolated concrete pads to ensure stability. The isolation prevents vibrations throughout the facility from skewing or impacting the performance of the other machines operating within the Precision Center.

Secured Access for Sensitive Projects

Our Precision Center also includes security features for ITAR projects requiring non-disclosure or customer confidentiality, including a private engineering suite with restricted keycard access.


Curious about the latest developments and experiments happening at the Precision Center? Want to take a tour of the facility and see our machining innovation in action?

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