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From brakes and engine parts to lights and navigation, automated machines carry the load of producing durable and long-lasting parts used in cars and heavy trucks, as well as the cargo industry.

Automotive companies and Tier 1 suppliers trust Methods to supply equipment and engineering services that improve efficiencies while maintaining quality.

Automotive Machining Solutions


Automotive manufacturing facility

Aerospace industry


Machinery for aerospace and aviation must deliver precisely-manufactured components with extremely tight tolerances. Precision machine tools from Methods help the industry reach new technological heights with advanced programming and equipment for producing superior parts.

Aerospace Machining Solutions



Manufacturers of medical implants, diagnostic equipment, and other devices require both precision and high output from their machine solutions. Methods carries a large selection of best-in-class CNC tools that support the unique manufacturing needs of shops serving medical and healthcare industries.

Medical Manufacturing Solutions


Medical instruments and an Xray of a machined part inside of an arm.

Firearms Industry


Whether your recreational firearm manufacturing focuses on high-volume low-mix production or custom parts in a low-volume high-mix plant, Methods carries industry-leading brands offering the latest in multi-axis machining that creates efficiencies and improves production capacity for recreational firearms manufacturers. From law enforcement and military, to hunting and personal protection, our custom solutions for recreational firearms manufacturers deliver reliability and precision.

Recreational Firearm Machining



From consumer products to micro components for electronics, Methods offers a range of equipment necessary for high-end plastic injection molds. Our machines operate at unparalleled speed while delivering the accuracy and surface finish necessary for high-quality, long-lasting molds.

Solutions for Machining Dies & Molds


die mold industry

Energy industry


Equipment for the growing petrochemical and energy industries requires well-machined parts for precision fittings to avoid valve leaks or inadequate piston pressure. For the nuclear, oil, and renewable energy industry, accuracy and reliability is critical. Machine tools from Methods help manufacturers develop parts used in demanding environments, often in remote locations.

Energy Industry Solutions



Reliable machine tools with automation expand the market for job shops producing high-mix, low-volume complex parts. Methods offers a variety of equipment options and provides customized application engineering solutions that help your job shop achieve higher output and efficiency, enabling shop owners to say “yes” to more jobs.

CNC Job Shop Solutions


Job shop machine and interior of shop.

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