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Leading With Innovation

The 45,000 machines our customers have installed represent 45,000 solutions. We leverage over 50 years of experience to establish and evolve industry best practices, as our engineers continue to design and implement the best precision manufacturing solutions using best-in-class CNC machines.

Application Engineering

Methods’ advanced engineering experts provide custom process design, machine selection, strategic machine integration, and machining automation services that keep you on the leading edge of precision manufacturing.

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CNC Automation

Methods automation positions modern machine shops for future success and profitability. Our engineers work with you to plan, design, and implement automated CNC machining solutions to elevate your bottom line while increasing production output, capacity, and revenue.

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Machine Integration

Improve your output, quality, and reliability with strategically integrated and customized CNC machining solutions. Our engineers optimize your manufacturing operations using innovative machine tools and technologies that support your business goals.

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Our engineering experts work closely with your team to properly train your workforce on the safe and successful operation, management, and implementation of advanced CNC solutions within your working environment. Our experience becomes your experience.

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the Fanuc Robot CRX-10iA collaborative robotic arm for automated precision manufacturing with CNC machine tools