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Being Proactive
Pays and Saves

When you wait until machines break down, your shop loses money it could have saved. Preventive maintenance keeps your equipment up and running for maximum profitability.

  • Illustration of clock and sprocket.Reduce Downtime
  • Illustration of a gauge within a gearProlong Machine Life
  • Illustration of an award in a handFewer Costly Repairs
  • Illustration of gears with a heart in onePeak Efficiency

What Sets Us Apart

Our Experienced Technicians Aren’t Just Engineers – They’re Problem Solvers

We develop preventive maintenance plans for each machine, with schedules customized for your machine requirements and production systems.

Before and after of a hydraulic tank


What You Get
with Methods

Our commitment to customer success means going above and beyond to serve your preventive maintenance needs.

  • Factory-trained service technicians
  • Fast service from our nationwide network
  • 60+ years of CNC industry experience
  • Full inventory of parts and accessories
  • Access to OEM manuals, guides, and experts

Say Yes

Say ‘No’ to Down Time
Say ‘Yes’ to More Jobs

Our detailed inspections and timely replacement of parts will extend your machine’s life and ensure the greatest ROI.

Start Your Preventative Maintenance Today

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  • Way Lube Systems
    A healthy way lube system ensures machine tool performance, uptime, and utilization.
  • X/Y/Z Axis
    Our technicians carefully check axis alignment and make necessary adjustments, calibrations, or repairs.
  • Machine Geometry
    We help you establish geometrically correct machine tools by checking and rectifying various elements.
  • Wire EDM Machines
    A wire EDM requires considerable attention as one of the most maintenance-intensive pieces of equipment in the machine shop.
  • Spindles
    We check the spindles and related equipment that impacts machining performance.
  • Spindle Oil Systems
    We evaluate the critical spindle oil system, ensuring the rolling elements avoid direct contact with the raceways.
  • Electrical Systems
    Our technicians evaluate electrical components for issues that may impact otherwise good mechanical systems.
  • Hydraulic Systems
    Proper hydraulic system service reduces CNC machine failure and maximizes operating life.


There’s no need to wait.

Wherever your shop is located, our nationwide network of technicians and fully stocked inventory means you get faster service and support.

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