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FANUC RoboDrill PC2

The FANUC RoboDrill PC2 is a high-performance machining center, known worldwide as the most reliable machine manufactured today. Pair it with the factory-installed Pallet Changer and you now have the ability for even higher productivity and production with the possibility of un-manned machining.

RoboDrills make quick work out of any milling, drilling or tapping jobs. FANUC has addressed reliability in all areas of the machine design. Coupled with the latest FANUC 31i-B5 PLUS control, the RoboDrill is the preferred machine in any manufacturing facility, large or small.

FANUC RoboDrill PC2 | Methods Machine Tools
side view of the FANUC RoboDrill PC2 machining center sold by Methods Machine Tools

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Design
  • Big Plus Spindle
  • Up to 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining
  • FANUC 31i-B5 Nano CNC System
  • Ultra Precise 32,000,000 Pulse/Rev Encoders
  • Ai Contour Control I
  • Thermal Growth Compensation
  • 1.3 sec Chip to Chip
  • 1.5G Accel/Decel
  • Helical Interpolation Program Storage
  • Rigid Tapping 5,000/8,000 RPM
  • Thread Milling
  • High Speed Reverse Tapping
  • “Quick” Tap Recovery System
  • Simultaneous ATC / Table Positioning
  • Easy to Automate with Methods
  • Built 100% in Japan

Technical Data

PC-2 Pallet Shuttle

Pallet Size
390mm X 700mm
Max Pallet Load Capacity
Pallet Change Time
7.0 sec (110kg capacity)


X-Axis Travel
27.6 (700) in (mm)
Y-Axis Travel
15.7 (400) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
15.7 (400) in (mm)
Spindle to Table
3.1-18.9 (80-480) in (mm)

Table Size

Table Size
33.5x16.1 (851x409) in (mm)
Table Capacity
881 lbs / 400 kg


Machine Weight
5730 (2600) lbs (kg)

Turret Style ATC Specifications

Tool to Tool Change Time
0.7 sec
Chip to Chip Change Time
1.3 sec
Max Tool Length
9.8 (249) in (mm)
Max Tool Diameter
3.14 (80) in (mm)


Spindle Taper
BBT-30 Big Plus
Spindle Speed
10000/24000 rpm
18.7* / 7.5** HP
34.8* / 7.3** HP


X-Axis Rapid Traverse
2125 (54) in/min (m/min)
Y-Axis Rapid Traverse
2125 (54) in/min (m/min)
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse
2125 (54) in/min (m/min)


ATC Type
Turret Type
ATC Turret Capacity
21 tools
Tool to Tool Change Time
0.07 / 2 kg 0.09 / 3 kg 1.1 / 4 kg
Chip to Chip Change Time with Table Motion
0.07 / 0.07 sec 0.09 / 0.09 sec 1.1 / 1.1 sec
Fanuc 31i-B5 Plus
Maximum Programming Memory
Up to 2gb optional
Total Simultaneous Axis
3 Standard (4/5 Optional)

* 1 min rating

** Continuous


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