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Machining Benefits

Supporting Precision Machining Applications for Oil and Gas

To meet the rugged demands of the oil and gas industries, products and components are often machined from various high-performance metals and specialty alloys. We offer a wide selection of CNC solutions that deliver superior machining performance for industrial applications.

Benefits of equipment from our builder partners.

Complex and intricate components such as pumps, drilling parts, and hydraulic fracturing equipment (fracking) must be machined within tight tolerances to meet the energy sector’s stringent requirements for accuracy and precision.

The rapid z/x traverse times of our machines make it possible for the equipment to support the demands of oil and gas manufacturing applications.

World-class equipment from our builder partners handle the high-mix and low-volume requirements for producing function-specific products. Automation engineering includes tool changing that makes it possible to machine exotic alloy materials such as Inconel® 718, Inconel® 800, Duplex 2205, Hastelloy C-276, Titanium, Bronze, Stainless steel, and more.

Our machines, built to exacting specifications, produce parts with unflinching accuracy to reduce vibration and other variables to minimize milling, turning, and drilling variations.

Precision Parts for the Oil and Gas Industry

Weiler e50 boring
From corrosive conditions to extreme temperatures, the oil and gas industry operates in harsh conditions at sea and onshore. Oil and gas operations, including drilling and extracting, rely on equipment that withstands the stress of these extreme conditions.

That’s why at Methods, we import the world’s highest quality CNC machine tools from brands like Weiler, FANUC, Kiwa, Nakamura-Tome, OKK, and Yasda, so our customers can produce a range of high-quality and durable parts for equipment and precision manufacturers in oil and gas production.

Common Oil and Gas Equipment Components

  • Pumps and systems
  • Tri-cone drill bit parts
  • Hydraulics
  • Sealing systems
  • Connected rod bushings
  • Valve systems
  • Hydraulic fracturing (Frack) pump components
  • Blowout preventers
  • Actuating systems
Machining Solutions

CNC Machine Solutions for Oil and Gas Production

Our oil and gas industry customers rely on us for various types of CNC machining equipment. Our solutions for the oil and gas industry include vertical 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers, horizontal 3-axis and 5-axis machines, Wire EDMs, turning centers, and cycle-controlled lathes.

Our precision 4-way lathe machines incorporate the Weiler cycle controller, delivering efficient and accurate machining of long workpieces with slides that overrun the steady rest and tailstock.

These best-in-class vertical milling machines for oil and gas parts manufacturing handle hard-to-machine materials and perform heavy-duty cutting. Our 3- and 5-axis vertical machining centers handle complex tooling of curved materials and precision hole cutting.

Our rugged horizontal mills offer a variety of machining capabilities that help your oil and gas machining shop increase part quality, capacity, and efficiencies that keep your business profitable and thriving long into the future.

Our electrical discharge machining (EDM) solutions support oil and gas applications requiring accuracy, efficiency, and throughput when you need precise holes drilled or complex shapes formed from hard metals or difficult-to-machine materials.

We develop turning center solutions for CNC production of shafts, flanges, bushing, and more that require extreme tolerances and fine surface finishes.


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