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YASDA developed the 5-axis PX30i machine to supply customers with a top quality, highly reliable machine tool for the machine shop market and OEM users. The PX30i is outstanding in versatile 5-axis applications, precision parts, drilling, face milling, boring, and milling. The PX30i also excels in hardened steel and other tough materials like titanium and inconel. The PX30i has an excellent design for automation, usability and productivity.

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Product Details

Product Details

  • 5 Axis High Precision Vertical Machining Center
  • Large Work Envelope
  • High Torque Spindle
  • High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Axes
  • Self-contained Multi Pallet Stacking System
  • Space Saving Footprint
  • System 3R Coupling for Pallet Clamping
  • Rigid Machine Structure for Machining Various Material Types
  • Optical Scale Feedback for Precise Positioning
  • Probing Systems


X-Axis Travel
26.8 (680) in (mm)
Y-Axis Travel
15.8 (400) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
19.7 (500) in (mm)
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle
19.7 (500) in (mm)
Distance from Table Center to Spindle Nose Face
19.7 (500) in (mm)
B-Axis (tilt table)
+65 to -125 degrees
C-Axis (rotary table)
360º (0.0001º)

Feed Rate

X, Y, and Z Axes Rapid Traverse
2362 (60) in/min (m/min)
B-Axis (tilt) Rapid Traverse
75 rpm with DD motors
C-Axis (rotary) Rapid Traverse
125 rpm with DD motors
Feed Rate
788 (20000) in/min (mm/min)


Table Working Surface
7.3x7.3 (185x185) in (mm)
Table Loading Capacity
177 (80) lbs (kg)
Max Diameter of Workpiece
ø 15.8 (400) in (mm)
Min. Table Indexing Angle
-125 + 65 degree


Spindle Type
Self adjusting pre-load
Spindle Speed Range
200-20000 rpm (opt)
Spindle Taper
7/24 taper No. 40 (Big Plus)


Number of Tools
323 std (513 opt)
Maximum Tool Weight
22 (10) lbs (kg)
Maximum Tool Length
12 (300) in (mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter
ø 3.2 (80) in (mm)


Machine Weight
41227 (18700) lbs (kg)
Machine Control
FANUC 31i-B5-15" Color LCD

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