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Ocean Technologies

River 1000

The River 1000 is designed with 5-Axis tool center point (TCP) control drilling on irregular…

Ocean Technologies

River 3

1 Touch Release Button for Quick Change of Drill Chuck Manual Backslide (W-Axis) Automatic Electrode…

Ocean Technologies

River 300

Compact, User-Friendly Ocean Technologies Controller High Efficiency Linear Guide Ways New HP-1 Generator Provides Higher…

Ocean Technologies

River 35

New HP-1 Generator Provides Higher Speeds and Lower Wear 1 Touch Release Button for Quick…

Ocean Technologies

River 45

Touch Screen HMI Control for Easy Operation New HP-1 Generator Provides Higher Speeds and Lower…

Ocean Technologies

River 600

3-Axis Computer Controlled with 4 or 5-Axis Configurations Available New HP-1 Generator Provides Higher Speeds…

Ocean Technologies

River 700

For customers who require fine finish surface, the RIVER 700 is the first choice. The…

Ocean Technologies

River 800

The River 800 is the optimum structural design especially for the aerospace and automobile industries.…

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