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YASDA’s H40i 5-Axis Machining Center delivers improved and versatile machining performance with its 5-faces indexing application and complex simultaneous 5-axis machining applications, due to its high rigidity and high accuracy.

This Yasda machine‘s outstanding performance results not only in less setting up, but also increases your shop’s total profitability thanks to its many benefits that reduce machining costs.

H40i has options of 12PLS up to maximum 24PLS. Its reliable multiple pallets management options support versatile applications and long hours of automated production.

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side view of the Yasda H40i machining center
H40i Internal
H40i Internal
H40i Internal
H40i Internal
H40i Internal

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • 5-Axis High Precision Horizontal Machining Center
  • High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Axes
  • Self-contained Multi Pallet Stacking System
  • 20000 rpm Spindle Speed
  • Space-Saving Footprint
  • Rigid Machine Structure for Machining Various Material Types
  • Scale Feedback for Precise Positioning
  • Probing Systems

Technical Data


X-Axis Travel
34.5 (875) in (mm)
Y-Axis Travel
29.2 (740) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
27 (685) in (mm)
B-Axis (tilt table)
+45 to -185 degrees
C-Axis (rotary table)
360º (0.0001º)
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle
29.2 (740) in (mm)
Distance from Table Center to Spindle Nose Face
27 (685) in (mm)


X, Y, and Z Axes Rapid Traverse
50,000 mm/min ( 1,968 ipm)
B-Axis (tilt) Rapid Traverse
75 rpm with DD motors
C Axis (rotary) Rapid Traverse
100 rpm with DD motors
X, Y, and Z Axes Feed Rate
Max. 20,000 mm/min ( 787 ipm) with HAS
B and C Axes Feedrate
Max. B: 40 / C: 40 rpm with HAS


Table Working Surface
15.8x15.8 (400x400) in (mm)
Table Loading Capacity
440 (200) lbs (kg)
Max Diameter of Workpiece
ø 19.7 (500) in (mm)
Min. Table Indexing Angle
-185 to 45 degree


Spindle Type
Direct Drive
Spindle Speed Range
200-20000 rpm (opt)
Spindle Taper
7/24 taper No. 40 (Big Plus)


Number of Tools
240 std (opt)
Maximum Tool Weight
15.43 (7) lbs (kg)
Maximum Tool Length
12 (300) in (mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter
ø 2.75 (70) in (mm)


Machine Weight
24250 (11000) lbs (kg)
Machine Control
FANUC 31i-B5- 15" Color LCD


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