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Accelerate Your Success

The Multiaxis Design & Manufacture Series offers a unique experience: a seamless, integrated cloud-based solution that enables you to design, simulate, and execute manufacturing processes without additional cost. 

Step into a simpler machining experience that opens the door for advanced manufacturing through exploration and adoption of multi-tasking, turning, and 5-axis machining technologies.

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Get ready to design, simulate, and execute your manufacturing processes with unparalleled ease—without extra costs. Our comprehensive solution is tailored for FANUC RoboDrill's 3-axis configurations, ensuring you have everything you need to jumpstart your production.

With a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, you can easily add new functionalities like 5-axis machining, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to ensure seamless management across manufacturing processes. Purchase packages as you need them.

Dive into extensive online learning tools and resources to strengthen your machine simulation and post-processing skills. Resources are always available on-demand, so you can learn and grow at your own pace.

That's right. We're including the Multiaxis Design & Manufacture Series FREE for the first year with every 3-axis RoboDrill configuration purchased from Methods.


Multiaxis is at the forefront of the manufacturing transformation, guiding small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into the era of the digital factory.

The digital factory represents a paradigm shift in manufacturing, where digital technology is infused into every aspect of production. For SMEs, this transformation is about more than just keeping pace with industry trends. It’s about leading the charge in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and accelerated product development.

Manufacturing processes were once characterized by manual operations, isolated systems, and data silos. This led to inefficiencies and slow response times.

Our Design and Manufacture series is a catalyst for change. It offers a unified platform for design, simulation, and production. It eliminates the barriers between stages and fosters innovation.



Browse Your Options

Choose from a variety of custom automated FANUC RoboDrill solutions from Methods. Whether you run a 3-axis step up, level-up to 4- or 5-axis, or scale all the way up with Methods Automation, our team of experts collaborates with you every step of the way, from initial planning and selecting the right machines, to work-process design and application engineering, to the final on-site installation.

RoboDrill Cutting Strength

30-taper Cuts Like a 40-taper

See how the FANUC RoboDrill handles hard metals.


RoboDrill Integrations

Unleash the Power of 5-Axis

See how Methods Machine Tools integrates 5-axis tables to scale the production capabilities of the FANUC RoboDrill.


See Proven Results

Job Shop Implements 5-Axis RoboDrill with Methods Automation to Fuel Growth

Operose founder Tyler Stilson wanted to increase his throughput with automation. His space at his at-home workshop was limited, and he needed something he could run lights-out.


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