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YBM Vi40

The YBM Vi40 is a highly accurate, rigid, and reliable solution for 5-axis die and…


YBM 1218V

The YASDA CNC Jig Borer YBM – 1218V is a highly rigid, bridge-type machining center,…



The YASDA YBM-950V CNC Jig Borer is known for its high-speed/high-accuracy machining of small parts including…



The YASDA YBM-640V CNC Jig Borer  offers ultimate accuracy in boring and milling. With high…

Efficient vertical machining solutions deliver precision, ROI, and high-quality parts

Industry-Leading VMC Performance

Vertical machining centers from Methods offer best-in-class vertical milling capabilities for manufacturers handling high-speed machining, hard-to-machine materials, and heavy-duty cutting. Our VMC solutions are made with high-quality builder components, all designed to provide speed and stability that drives profits and ROI while also delivering accuracy and precision.

VMC Engineering & Automation That Delivers Results

The team of experts at Methods can engineer custom, industry-specific applications and automation to maximize production efficiencies for shops using VMCs, including shorter cycle times, less waste, and lower manufacturing costs. After we help machine shops select the right vertical machining centers for their needs, we strategically integrate the new VMC solution with existing operations to immediately increase profitability and productivity while also elevating the quality of the parts produced.

Get Unparalleled Service and Support

Our time-tested, industry-trusted team of engineers is committed to going above and beyond for our customers through the entire implementation process, including initial planning and design, custom application engineering, selecting the right vertical machining centers from world-class brands, and strategically integrating your new VMC with your existing machine systems. After installation, you receive ongoing support and service to ensure our VMCs continue delivering increased ROI for many years to come.

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