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CNC Solutions for Mexico Manufacturers


Precision-engineered solutions from Methods feature world-class CNC machining equipment and custom engineering services for industrial suppliers and manufacturers across Mexico.


Our Dealer Partners

Supporting CNC Shops In Mexico

Methods supports the thriving manufacturing sector in Mexico by providing world-class CNC machines and engineering services. We partner with manufacturers to help them take advantage of Mexico’s low production costs and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Automotive Suppliers

Our world-class CNC machining equipment and engineers help Mexico maintain its position as the world’s fourth-largest exporter of automotive parts. New challenges of nearshoring and inshoring, and country of origin regulations, increase the need for precision machines. Methods helps parts manufacturers meet the demand for quality and speed.


Aerospace Industry

To meet the aerospace industry’s challenges, manufacturers must use CNC machining equipment capable of producing complex geometries with precision and speed. Our extensive line of five-axis machines from FANUC, Yasda, OKK, Kiwa, and Methods produce quality components for customers and a faster ROI for manufacturers.


an airplane with connector graphic pointing to a turbine aircraft component

Medical Device Manufacturing

Methods stocks many precision machines ready to ship. Our faster CNC equipment delivery and set-up positions medical device manufacturers to achieve the industry’s project 8% compound annual growth rate by 2025. Our ready-to-ship program offers the most high-demand options in straightforward packages.


Aerial view of Mexicali

Why Work With Methods?

Support and Expertise for Mexico Manufacturers

CNC machine tools, engineering services, and automated machining solutions for precision manufacturers form the basis for excellent manufacturing. We partner with companies to help them overcome production and operational challenges.

Overcome Labor Challenges with Automation

We design automation solutions that address the need for skilled machine operators. Improved cycle times from automation increase output for greater ROI.

Benefit from Lights-Out Production

You can reduce the struggle to identify skilled machine operators while increasing production efficiency and quality. An expert combination of engineering design, automation, and precision equipment can help your shop reach challenging output and production levels.

Country of Origin Requirements

Under the new USMCA trade agreements, manufacturers in Mexico can meet the country of origin requirements by insourcing the production of machined parts that may have been previously manufactured offshore.


The Mexico manufacturing sector has become fast-paced, with increasing demands for higher quality products. Advanced engineering and automated machining shorten the production timeline without sacrificing precision. That’s why our CNC solutions set us apart.


Methods brings you the best engineering services and the ready supply of quality machines that meet the demand for precision components.


Get advanced machining solutions that grow your business.