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Today, Yasda manufactures 60+ machines designed for multi-functional operations and automation for maximum productivity. Accuracy means everything to Yasda – in fact, the company only uses its own Yasda machines to build its equipment.

Methods is Yasda’s sole partner for direct and indirect sales, services, integrations, and custom engineering solutions for customers throughout North America who require Yasda’s unmatched speed and precision.

We maintain a thriving partnership with Yasda to offer our customers an end-to-end portfolio of best-in-class CNC machines, including 5-axis precision centers and horizontal or vertical machining centers.

Yasda machines include advanced design features, robust guideways, and other key components that provide long-term precision, rigidity, and thermal stability.


Yasda Precision Vertical Machining Centers

Close-up photo of a YMC-430 at work cutting a pattern in steel

Yasda vertical machining centers are available in 3-axis and 5-axis models. Two YMC models stand out:

  • The YMC 430 delivers ultra-high precision for micro-machining.
  • The YMC 650 incorporates cutting-edge technology to allow accuracy in surface quality machining.

The robust YASDA YBM series features an in-house built spindle for high-precision and extended life. The hardened box ways of the YBM series offer a double width, unlike other machining centers on the market. Some more advantages of YBM series machines include:

  • The YBM 950V and YBM 650V deliver extreme die and mold machining performance.
  • The YBM 9150V and YBM 1218 V allow machining of extensive workpieces.

Yasda vertical precision centers support numerous CNC machining applications, such as precise-plate and 3-dimensional large mold machining. Other Yasda vertical machining centers include:

Photo of YASDA 5-axis PX30i


  • 5-axis PX30i
  • YMC430 Micro Center (available for 3-axis or 5-axis machining)
  • YBM Vi40
  • CNC Jig Borer YBM 1224V

View Yasda Vertical Machining Centers


Yasda 5-Axis Machining Centers

Yasda 5-axis machining centers deliver precise tooling and a strong ROI.  The flexible design of the machines and axis motion allows for the production of more intricate parts while requiring fewer adjustments and operator involvement–reducing your operating costs and the need for additional skilled labor.

An internal photo of the YBM-Vi40

Yasda 5-axis machining centers create significantly less vibration, which enhances surface finishes. The engineering, features, and ease of operation reduce lead times.

Methods brings these benefits to your business by supplying a wide range of Yasda 5-axis machines. These machines are particularly ideal for die manufacturing industries.

The YBM 10T-TH excels at handling heavy materials. These heavy-duty machines bring high precision and speed for processing heavy work of up to 5 tons.

YASDA’s H40i 5-Axis Machining Center reduces machining costs with features that set it apart. The Methods team enhances the H40i with value-added, turn-key solutions optimized for hours of automation using the machine’s multiple pallet options.

Yasda 5-axis Machining Centers

  • YBM Vi40
  • YBM 8T-TT
  • YBM PX30i
  • YBM10T-100TT

View Yasda 5-Axis Machines


Yasda Horizontal Machining Centers

Close-up internal photo of the Yasda YBM 10T-100TTMethods supplies a variety of Yasda Horizontal Machining Centers, offering benefits that include the functionality to produce intricate cuts from different angles and the highest degrees of precision.

Yasda’s horizontal machines turn out high volumes of parts with minimal waste or destruction, saving overall production time.

Product designers and manufacturers depend on the flexibility and versatility of Yasda horizontal machining centers for virtually any project.

Methods applies engineering expertise to deliver even more performance from Yasda’s 3-axis and 5-axis horizontal machines. Customers worldwide employ these machines for high-precision and milling performance.

Yasda Horizontal Machining Centers
Photo of Yada 15T horizontal machine center

  • YBM 7T and 8T
  • YBM 7Ti
  • YBM 10T-TH
  • YBM10T-100TT
  • YBM 15T

View Yasda Horizontal Machines


Yasda Machining Centers Support Multiple Industries

The range of available Yasda machines offers manufacturers in various manufacturing sectors more options for producing high-precision parts. Methods-enhanced Yasda solutions support highly efficient manufacturing of complex medical components and heavy pieces for automotive and aerospace applications.


Die & Mold Machining

Photo of yasda brand milling machine cutting plastic injection mold form

Yasda has been serving the die and mold industry since 1994 when it developed the YBM640V model. Yasda integrated several processes that facilitate the manufacture of die and mold, such as the EDM process, electrode making, and manual polishing. Yasda Jig Borers play an integral role in die and mold production.

Yasda Machines for the Die & Mold Industry

  • YBM Vi40
  • YBM 950V
  • YBM 640V
  • YBM 9150V



Aerospace Machining

YBM 7Ti Internals

Yasda’s 5-axis machines possess enormous potential to enhance milling production in the aerospace industry. Because of their high rigidity and outstanding machining accuracies, these machines excel at handling aerospace workpieces and applications that involve difficult-to-cut materials.

Yasda Machines for the Aerospace Industry

  • 5-axis YBM 7T
  • 5-axis YBM 7Ti
  • 5-axis YBM 8T-63TT
  • 5-axis PX30i


Medical Machining

YMC 430 Internals

Yasda’s machining centers can produce high-grade medical devices and components, including medical implants, with high accuracy and tight tolerances required for parts used in the medical device industry.

Yasda Machines for the Medical Industry

  • YMC 430
  • YMC 650
  • 5-axis YMC 430-RT10
  • 5-axis YMC 650 RT20


Automotive Machining

YBM 950V Internal

Suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry rely heavily on Yasda’s precision centers for producing a wide range of essential automotive parts, including engine blocks, cylinders, intake manifolds, gearboxes, brake components, and more.

Yasda Machines for the Automotive Industry

  • YBM 7T
  • YBM 950V
  • YMC 650YBM 1218V


Job Shop Machining

H40i Internals

Yasda precision centers offer solutions for meeting the requirements of most job shops and the increasing demand for process integration. Methods supports independent shops with custom-engineered CNC solutions that incorporate world-class Yasda precision centers for maximum machining efficiency and ROI.

Yasda Machines for Job Shops

  • H40i
  • 5-axis PX30i
  • YBM 950V
  • YBM7T

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