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CNC Solutions for Manufacturers In Canada

Precision-engineered solutions from Methods feature world-class CNC machining equipment and custom engineering services for industrial suppliers and manufacturers across Canada.


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Supporting Key Industries in Canada

Automotive Industry

Smart car technologies requiring increasingly precision-machined components are core to the growth of the automotive industry in Canada. Our equipment portfolio delivers that precision and needs for speed for the next level of manufacturing.


Aerospace Industry

Our precision equipment and engineering teams deliver the production capabilities aerospace manufacturers in Quebec and Ontario need to strengthen their position as the fourth-largest civil aircraft manufacturer in the world. We meet that challenge with CNC machine tools that produce complex aircraft components faster, better, and cheaper.

Aerospace Solutions

an airplane with connector graphic pointing to a turbine aircraft component

illustration of a wind turbine with graphic connector to a component manufactured using cnc machine tools

Energy Production

Our team brings extensive CNC machining expertise to the energy industry. We stock the leading equipment needed to support Canada’s worldwide position as major crude oil, natural gas, and hydroelectric power producer. And, as the new segment of renewable energy evolves, we have what it takes to drive Canadian manufacturers to a new leading position.

Energy Solutions

Medical Equipment

The healthcare sector relies on accurately manufactured parts and devices. We provide the healthcare and medical device sectors in Canada with precision CNC machining solutions necessary for producing high-quality orthopedic, cardiology, and other equipment.

Medical Solutions

Job shop machine and interior of shop.

Machining Shops

As the backbone of Canada’s precision manufacturing sector, job shops turn to us for equipment and engineering solutions that help maintain profitability and create a competitive advantage by leveraging CNC equipment that delivers higher output and quality.

Job Shop Solutions

Photo of turbine blade being machined

Why Methods?

Enabling Manufacturing Excellence

At Methods, we help industrial suppliers and manufacturers in Canada overcome production and operational challenges with CNC equipment engineered to meet modern demands and produce the highest quality machined parts with extreme accuracy.

Turnkey Automation

We design automated machining solutions that address the labor shortage and the need for skilled machine operators. Improved cycle times and reduced setups with automation increase your output for greater ROI and profitability for your shop.

Automated Lights-out Production

Canada job shops and other industries can explore the limitless levels of growth available with technological integrations. Automated lights-out production is possible with the right CNC machining solutions.

Supporting Country of Origin Requirements

Under the new USMCA trade agreements, manufacturers in Canada can meet the country of origin requirements by insourcing efficient production of machined parts that may have been previously produced off-shore.

Supply Chain Stability

Over 90% of Canadian manufacturers experienced loss due to supply chain failures in 2022, with over $10 billion lost in sales. Our stock inventory of the world’s best CNC equipment helps OEMs, and tier suppliers bring precision machining of parts closer to final assembly and the end customers.

Speed and Efficiency

The manufacturing sector has become more fast-paced than ever, with increased demands for quality products. Advanced engineering and automated machining shorten the production timeline. The speed and accuracy of CNC solutions from Methods set us apart from our peers in the industry.


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