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YBM 10T-100TT

YASDA’s YBM10T-100TT machine is a newly developed simultaneous 5-axis machining center, which is equipped with a 1000 square-mm tilting table for YBM10T. It is new to the lineup of YBM10T and a high-end model machining center developed for performing stable high-precision processing with a high degree of efficiency as a theme. This processing ranges from difficult-to-cut materials to complicated profiling, in addition to aircraft parts which have recently been in high demand.

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Yasda YBM 10T-100TT sold by Methods Machine Tools

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Preload self-adjusting spindle mounted. Both heavy duty cutting at low spindle speed and highly accurate rotation with low-heat generation at high spindle speed are achieved
  • A two-motor torque tandem control spindle (option) mounted for YBM10T-100TT
  • Thermal distortion stabilized system equipped. This enables stable high-precision processing for an extended period of time by minimizing the machine-body thermal distortion caused by the factory environment
  • YASDA’s unique advanced function “HAS-3” equipped. This enables extremely high-precision processing at high speed by accurately reflecting NC data
  • High-precision five-axis processing support function “i-CAL” equipped. This enables high-precision and high-grade five-axis processing by accurately searching for the central coordinates of the important “rotation axis” and “spindle” which exert influence on processing accuracy and automatically sets them
  • H-frame Z-axis steel bed for heat distribution for long term accuracy
  • Double walled and ribbed Y-axis column with minimal axial yaw
  • 72 tooth curvic coupling pallet clamping with air blast
  • Rigid machine structure for machining various material types
  • Optical scale feedback for precise positioning
  • Probing Systems

Technical Data


X-Axis Travel
59 (1500) in (mm)
Y-Axis Travel
55.1 (1400) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
55.1 (1400) in (mm)
A-Axis (tilt table)
+27.5 to -110 degrees
B-Axis (tilt table)
360º (0.0001º)
Distance from Table Center to Spindle Nose Face
51.2 (1300) in (mm)

Feed Rate

X, Y, and Z Axes Rapid Traverse
16,000 mm/min (629 ipm)
A-Axis Rapid Traverse
2 rpm
B-Axis Rapid Traverse
6 rpm
X, Y, and Z Axes Cutting Feed Rate
10,000 mm/min (393ipm) with HAS
A-Axis Cutting Feed Rate
2 rpm
B-Axis Cutting Feed Rate
6 rpm


Table Working Surface
39.4x39.4 (1000x1000) in (mm)
Table Loading Capacity
4410 (2000) lbs (kg)
Max Diameter of Workpiece
ø 53.2 (1350) in (mm)


Spindle Type
SA-50-10000-22 -
Spindle Speed Range
50-10000 rpm (opt)
Spindle Taper
7/24 NT No. 50 -


Number of Tools
60 std (opt)
Maximum Tool Weight
44 (20) lbs (kg)
Maximum Tool Length
17.3 (440) in (mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter
ø 11.8 (300) in (mm)


Machine Weight
79367 (36000) lbs (kg)
Machine Control
FANUC 31i-B5-10.4" Color LCD -


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