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The Nakamura-Tome NTRX-300 is a very heavy-duty machine with full twin spindles and a robust tool spindle, featuring the new Smart X control from Nakamura.

This machine includes a robust 25 HP tool spindle with 12,000 RPM and full 5-axis machining capabilities, including a 10″ stroke for the Y-axis, 80 tool ATC as standard with 40 or 120 as options, Fanuc 31i-B5 5-axis control, unique built-in load/unload device – built-in automation system, all in a very compact foot print.

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front view of Nakamura Tome NTRX-300

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • X and Y-axis Travel Ensure a Wide Machining Range – X-axis travel 5″ below spindle center ensures a wider machining range
  • Highly Rigid Design – All units are located on the main frame vertically for high rigidity
  • Operator Friendly Design – Spindle Center is easy to reach, thanks to 17 in distance from the machine front and 43 in height from the floor
  • New Operation Panel with NT Smart X Control – Featuring Operation Level Management, Camera, Voice Guidance, Production Management and 3D Collision check, all Included as Standard
  • Modular Design – Choose from R-spindle Type or Tailstock Type

Technical Data

Max Turning Diameter
25.2 (640) in (mm)
Max Turning Length
45.3 (1150) in (mm)
Bar Capacity
3.14 in (80 mm)
Bar Capacity L-Spindle
3.2 (80)(op.) / 3.6 (90)(op.) in (mm)
Bar Capacity R-Spindle
3.2 (80)(op.) in (mm)
Chuck size
12 in (304 mm)

Axis Travel

Slide travel (Y)
9.9 (250) (±4.9 (125)) in (mm)
Rapid feed (Y)
1417 (36) in/min (m/min)
Slide Travel (B2-axis)
43.3 (1100) in (mm)
Rapid Feed (B2 Axis)
1063 (27) in/min (m/min)

Left Spindle

Spindle Speed
4500 / 3500 / 2500 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
A2-6 / A2-8
Hole Through Draw Tube
2.6 (66) / 3.2 (81) / 3.6 (91) in (mm)

Right Spindle

Spindle Speed
4500 / 3500 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
A2-6 / A2-8
Hole Through Draw Tube
2.6 (66) / 3.2 (81) in (mm)


Least Input Increment
1E-3 degree

Tool Spindle

Tool Spindle Speed
12000 rpm
Tool Shank Type
Capto C6
Number of Tool Stock
40(op. 60, 80, 120)
Max Tool Diameter/without Adjacent Tool
3.6 (90) / 5.2 (130) in (mm)
Max Tool Length/ Max Tool Weight
11.8 (300) / 26.5 (12) in (mm)/ lbs (kg)
ATC Time (tool to tool)
1.5 sec

Tool Spindle B1-axis

Swiveling Range
225°(-120°, +105°) degree
Clamp Function
Curvic coupling (5 degree) Brake (0.001 degree)

Drive motor power

Main Spindle
30 HP
Right Spindle

Tailstock (op.)

Tailstock Positioning Stroke
43.3 (1100) in (mm)


Machine Weight
37479 (17000) lbs (kg)


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