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Methods Automation MB650U-AMP

The MB 650U-AMP blends the precision and speed of Methods’ five-axis MB 650U and the convenience of the six-pallet Indunorm automatic pallet changer (APC). The result is a versatile, high-precision machine capable of unattended, lights-out operation.

Methods created MB 650U-AMP to provide a simple solution for anyone looking to add automation into their shop,  the integrated package provides the perfect mixture of accuracy, speed, and automation on day one.

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The MB650 Automation Tool
Inside of the MB650 Automation Tool from Methods

Product Details

Features & Benefits

Methods MB650U AMP Automation System Including:

  • Automation for 5-axis Machining
  • Compact APC available in 6 & 8 Pallet
  • Large Standard Pallets
  • Ergonomic Pallet Loading & Unloading Station
  • User Friendly Pallet Scheduling System
  • FAST Package III

Technical Data


Pallet Configuration
6 or 8
Pallet Size (6APC)
19.7" Dia. x 19.7"
Pallet Size (8APC)
14.7" Dia. x 147"

Work Piece

Max Weight of Part (6APC)
425 lbs (193kg)


Floor Space
213" (5400mm) x 135” (3440mm)
Unit Weight
1200lbs (550kg)


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Click to watch video


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