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Methods Automation MB650U-AMP

The MB 650U-AMP blends the precision and speed of Methods’ five-axis MB 650U and the convenience of the six-pallet Indunorm automatic pallet changer (APC). The result is a versatile, high-precision machine capable of unattended, lights-out operation.

Methods created MB 650U-AMP to provide a simple solution for anyone looking to add automation into their shop,  the integrated package provides the perfect mixture of accuracy, speed, and automation on day one.

The MB650 Automation Tool
Inside of the MB650 Automation Tool from Methods

Product Details

Features & Benefits

Methods MB650U AMP Automation System Including:

  • Automation for 5-axis Machining
  • Compact APC available in 6 & 8 Pallet
  • Large Standard Pallets
  • Ergonomic Pallet Loading & Unloading Station
  • User Friendly Pallet Scheduling System
  • FAST Package III

Technical Data


Pallet Configuration
6 or 8
Pallet Size (6APC)
19.7" Dia. x 19.7"
Pallet Size (8APC)
14.7" Dia. x 147"

Work Piece

Max Weight of Part (6APC)
425 lbs (193kg)


Floor Space
213" (5400mm) x 135” (3440mm)
Unit Weight
1200lbs (550kg)


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Click to watch video


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