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The JX-250 is the latest B-Axis tool spindle machine from Nakamura-Tome. Equipped with world’s smallest tool spindle “NT Smart Cube” and Y-axis standard twin turret, it is a high rigidity ATC type Multitasking machine.

Nakamura Tome JX-250 sold by Methods Machine Tools

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Equipped with AI type thermal displacement compensation system “NT Thermo Navigator AI”
  • The world’s smallest tool spindle! Motor output 22/15kW
  • L/R twin turret with Y axis! (op. L Turret)
  • Supports various machining with Crossover stroke (R:490mm, L:140mm)
  • Distance between spindles :1,850mm
  • And in the X-Y plane, it moves □ 250mm from the center of the main spindle
  • Number of ATC tool stock 80 (op. 40,120)
  • 240° B-axis positioning range (±120°)
  • Shortened time with opposing 2 spindles, L and R simultaneous machining
  • High rigidity horizontal bed with wide, low center of gravity design, vertical column structure

Technical Data


Max Turning Diameter
12.6" (320mm)
Max Turning Length
65.0" (1,650mm)

Bar Capacity

Bar Capacity L-Spindle
ø3.1" (80mm) (ø 2.5" 65mm opt)
Bar Capacity R-Spindle
ø2.5" (65mm)
Chuck size
8.0" (203mm) / 10" (254mm)

Axis Travel

Slide Travel: X1
25.4" (645mm)
Slide Travel: X2/X3(opt)
8.5" (215mm) / 8.5" (215mm)
Slide Travel: Z1
± 32.5" (±825mm) / (at ATC+ 39.6" (1,005mm))
Slide Travel: Z2
58.7" (1,490mm)
Slide Travel: Z2/Z3 (opt)
4301" (1,095mm) / 29.3" (745mm)
Slide Travel: Y1
± 4.9" (125mm)
Slide Travel: Y2/Y3(opt)
± 1.6" (40mm) / ± 1.6" (40mm)
Slide Travel: B2
61.0" (1,550mm)

Left Spindle

Spindle Speed
3,500 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
Hole Through Draw Tube
3.1" (80mm)

Right Spindle

Spindle Speed
4,500 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
Hole Through Draw Tube
2.5" (66mm)


Number of Tool Stations
80 (40, 120) opt
Number of Indexing Positions

Tool Spindle

Tool Spindle Speed
12000 rpm
Tool Shank Type
Number of Tool Stock
40 (80, 120)(op.)
Max Tool Weight
26 lbs (12kg)
Driven Tool Spindle
30/20 KW


Machine Weight
55,000 lbs (25,000kg)


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