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RoboCut C600iB-16

The RoboCut C600iB-16 Wire EDM features a new FANUC 31i-WB control with new iHMI User…


RoboCut C600iB-12

The RoboCut C600iB-12 Wire EDM features a new FANUC 31i-WB control with new iHMI User…


RoboCut C400iB

The RoboCut 400CiB Wire EDM machine features the powerful FANUC 31i-WB control with new iHMI…

Cut challenging shapes, drill precise holes, achieve smooth surfaces and finish

Form Complex Parts Using Controlled Electrodes

EDM tools support a range of applications for manufacturers, including large molds and stamping dies, as well as small hole drilling and forming complex parts from hard or difficult-to-machine materials to meet tight tolerances. Industries that rely on precision EDM include:

Precision EDM Benefits

  • Achieve shapes and drilling depths previously impossible with conventional cutting tools
  • Produce workpieces with a fine surface finish and high precision
  • Eliminates the mechanical force needed to cut or produce fragile outlines
  • Applications ranging from simple wire start holes to advanced full 5-axis EDM driller applications

Best-In-Class EDM Solutions

Methods offers the latest EDM machine tool solutions from world-renown brands that provide exceptional reliability while improving accuracy, efficiency, and throughput for manufacturers in high-precision sectors that require precision.

Supported By Our Team of Experts

Our team of engineering experts is ready to help you through the entire implementation process, including planning and selecting best-in-class electrical discharge machining technology from brands like Fanuc and Ocean Technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process.

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