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WEILER invented the first cycle-controlled lathe. Our experience, quality consciousness and software expertise translates to increased productivity and profitability for your business.

The WEILER E-60 and all E-Series machines are masters of efficiency. The unsurpassed and easy-to-use WEILER developed conversational control makes them unique. This control allows the intuitive creation of a number of cycles that are then stored in the controller to be called at the touch of a button. These can then be run either individually or as part of an automated sequence. The benefit to the user is shorter programming times and extremely efficient one-off and small batch production.


WEILER E-60 Lathe Tool

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • State-of-the-art control and drive technology
  • Straight-forward operating and programming
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Durability
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Ergonomically tilting display unit with 15” TFT screen
  • Ingenious, user-friendly WEILER graphical user interface
  • Operating panel with handwheels moves with the bed slide to enable precise manual machining
  • “e-TIM” energy conservation system minimises power consumption

Technical Data

Working Range

Distance between centers
39.4" / 78.7" (1,000 mm / 2,000 mm)
Swing over bed
25.6" (650 mm)
swing over cross slide
15.7" (400 mm)
cross slide travel
15" (380 mm)
width of bed
15" (380 mm)

Main Spindle

Spindle nose according to DIN 55027 (26) (DIN ISO 702-3)
Spindle bore
3.3" (83 mm)
Spindle diameter in front bearing
4.7" (120 mm)


Drive Power (100%)
20 kW
Max Torque
1,700 Nm


Feed force longitudinal
12,000 N
Rapid Traverse (Z/X)
10/5 m/min
Feed Range
0.001 - 50 mm/rev

Thread Cutting Range

Metric threads
0.1 - 2,000 mm
Inch threads
112 - 1/64 TPI


Tailstock quill diameter
3.9" (100 mm)
Tailstock quill taper
5 MT


Floor Space (W x H) Length is variable
101.26" x 74.80" (2572 x 1900 mm)
5,200 - 6,400 kg
Acceptance accuracy
8605 DIN


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