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AS-200LMY Sub Spindle RTS

The Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMY-S Sub Spindle Machine is a high-performance multitasking turning center.

The new AS-200LMY-S from NAKAMURA-TOME offers an upgraded long bed with sub spindle, equipped with a powerful milling drive, a high-speed, high-accuracy C-axis, and 82mm stroke Y-Axis that ensures accurate, finished parts.

The AS-200LMY-S eliminates deburring, milling, drilling and repositioning of fixtures.

This RTS machine will be ready to ship to you within 5 days. Guaranteed.

Nakamura Tome AS200L Sup Spindle
view of the inside of an AS-200
Side view of the inside of an AS-200
an alternate internal view of the inside of an AS-200
Top view of the inside of an AS-200

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Space Saving Combined Machine Tool with Y-axis & Milling Function
  • With Milling Function: 7.5/5 HP, Spindle Speed – 6000rpm
  • Strong Spindle Motor: 20/15 HP – 4,500 RPM
  • Subspindle Motor: 10/7.5 HP – 6,000 RPM
  • C-axis synchronization
  • High Speed Index – X-axis: 24 m/min, Z-axis: 36 m/min, C-axis: 600 min-1.
  • Turret: Max Dodecagonal Drum Turret (Max. 24 station)
  • Number of Milling Tool (dodecagonal drum turret): 12

Technical Data

12/24 station turret in (mm)
Swing Over Bed
15.8 (400) in (mm)
Max Workpiece Swing Diameter
12.6 (320) in (mm)
Max Turning Diameter
13.4 (340) in (mm)
Distance Between Spindle Noses
31.5 in (mm)
Max Turning Length
22.5 (570) in (mm)
Bar Capacity
2.6 (65) in (mm)
Bar Capacity Sub
1.7 (42) in (mm)
Chuck size
16 (406.4) in (mm)

Axis Travel

Slide travel (X)
9 (227.5) in (mm)
Slide travel (Z)
23 (585) in (mm)
Slide travel (Y)
±1.6 (41) in (mm)
Rapid feed (X)
945 (24) in/min (m/min)
Rapid feed (Z)
1418 (36) in/min (m/min)
Rapid feed (Y)
236 (6) in/min (m/min)


Spindle Speed
0-4500 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
Hole Through Draw Tube
2.6 (66) in (mm)


Least Input Increment
1E-3 degree


Number of Tool Stations
Number of Indexing Positions

Milling Tools

Spindle Speed
6000 rpm
Number of Milling-Tool Stations

Rotating Tool

Rotary System
Individual Rotation
Spindle Speed
6000 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Number of Rotation Tool Station

Drive motor power

Main Spindle
20 HP
Sub Spindle (op.)
10 HP
Driven Tool Spindle
7.5 HP


Machine Weight
11023 (5000) lbs (kg)


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