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500 Series

The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator (Patented & Other Patents Pending) is a fully-digital drop-in replacement for traditional optical comparators. It works directly with your part’s CAD data and doesn’t require and overlays.

The system is extremely easy to use, and thanks to its advanced, patented CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools, operators can compare parts to their CAD data completely automatically, directly on the shop floor.

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators eliminate operator error and can automatically collect complete electronic documentation including measurements, statistics, Pass/Fail results, a high-resolution image of the part with its CAD overlay, etc.

The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator can also be integrated into an automated work cell and controlled via Ethernet or RS-232 communications.

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Methods 500 Series

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Produce a very high contrast image with very sharp edge profiles so that there is no problem viewing it in full daylight
  • Are much more accurate
  • Allow the user to be much more productive and get more work done with a single machine
  • Include our patented CAD  Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™
  • Can compute and display the part’s deviation from nominal and compare it to bi-directional tolerances
  • Work directly with the CAD data so that no overlays / templates / Mylars™ are required
  • Can be used to collect images (either with or without the CAD data overlay and with or without annotations), measurements and data.
  • Can also carry out fully automated measurements (like a video CMM)
  • Can automatically send measurements, statistics and data to Excel™ or other external applications
  • Have a smaller footprint and use less floor space
  • Can be moved much more easily and without requiring re-calibration (i.e. “rolling cart” configuration is standard)
  • Have a much greater optical depth of field, i.e. (“everything is in focus all at once”)
  • Have a longer optical working distance (i.e. more clearance between the part and the lens)
  • Allow you to compare a part to its CAD data beyond the optical field-of-view! (because the CAD data tracks the part and follows the stage motion)
  • Have LED illumination for very stable illumination over a 10 year life. No more bulbs to change!

Technical Data

Standard Optical Magnifications (equivalent to traditional comparators)
5X, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X
Image view area
33.5” wide x 25.75” high (= 42” diagonal)
Software Interface
Intuitive, Windows-based graphical user interface (i.e. “point & click”)
Motorized X-, Y- & Z-axes
X-, Y- & Z-stage movement
High-accuracy crossed-roller movement
X-axis travel
Y-axis travel
6"/ 12"
X- & Y-axis encoder resolution
0.25 micron
Z stage travel
Part fixturing configuration
Dual standard dovetail grooves/ Threaded mounting hole pattern
Encoded Z-axis
LASER module (for Z-axis measurement)
High-accuracy rotary axes
Fully programmable 3D motion
High-resolution, digital (9 MegaPixel)
• LED-based (for very stable illumination conditions, with a very long life) • Programmable & computer-controlled (for repeatable illumination conditions) • Both reflected (i.e. front) & transmitted (i.e. back) illumination modules are available
Very low distortion telecentric, with long working distance & extended depth-of-field
Real-time mathematical image processing, enhancement and correction
Patented CAD Auto-Align™ tool
Yes, with user-specified bi-directional tolerances
Patented CAD Auto- Pass/Fail tool
Yes, with user-specified bi-directional tolerances
Extended set of high-accuracy measurement tools
Yes, with sub-pixel-accurate edge detection
Image annotation tools
Automatic electronic documentation
Built-in SPC capabilities, with automatic numerical charts & PASS/FAIL graphs, etc...
Automatic data export to ExcelTM and other applications
Compare a part to its CAD data across the entire stage travel
Quick CAD data and settings change over & recall
Yes (“1-button recall”)
Supervisor/operator password protection
Operating System
WindowsTM 7
Built-in “F1 Help”
Fan & filter unit on main cabinet
Yes (to create a positive pressure and keep dust out)
Power requirements
110V, 15 Amp (single cord)
Operating temperature
10 °C - 30 °C
Support (by phone, fax & email)
Included for a full year
1 year (complete)


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