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300 Series

The 300-Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator Field-of-View Systems are extremely cost-effective systems that are ideal for smaller parts (up to 5.5″ x 3.3″). The 300-Series has no need for overlays, templates, or Mylars™ and can check multiple parts regardless of their orientation.

The VisionGauge 300-Series have an extended depth-of-field for tall parts (as high as 4.0″) and a long working distance that provides ample clearance and room to work between the part and the lens.

They produce a stunning super-high-resolution image to carry out fine, detailed inspections.

Three different types of LED illumination are standard: collimated back, front off-axis (i.e. “dark field”) and front on-axis (i.e. “bright field”). This allows the system to produce crisp, sharp edges and perform beautifully even when working with hard-to-image materials (for example: shiny, reflective or even translucent surfaces) and difficult geometries (such as deep holes).

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators are complete, ready-to-run Windows-based solutions. They are delivered network-ready and include on-site installation, NIST-traceable calibration & training.

The 300 Series Field-of-View Systems are desktop instruments that have all of the functionality of the 500 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators, with the sole exception that they are limited to smaller parts.

A view of the fill 300-Series VisionGauge System
VisionGauge 300-Series | Methods Machine Tools

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Automatically compare parts to their CAD data with our proprietary CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto Pass/Fail™ tools, in seconds
  • Instantly computes and displays deviations-from-nominal and out-of-tolerance areas
  • No operator-to-operator variation
  • Extremely fast & easy-to-use!
  • Needs no overlays, templates or Mylars™
  • Full automated measurement capability
  • The best, highest-resolution, clearest & sharpest image available!
  • Joystick & barcode reader driven
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Innovative patent pending technology
  • Accurate to +/- 0.0001″ (2.5 μ)
  • Automatic image & data collection
  • Built-in SPC capability
  • All-LED computer-controlled multi-illumination modules (back, front square-on and front oblique) are standard!
  • High-resolution precision optics
  • No moving parts
  • No consumable parts
  • Convenient desktop configuration
  • Easy to learn and operate. You’ll be up & running on “day one”.
  • Perfect for both the shop floor and the quality control lab
  • Online Training Library

Technical Data

VG300DOC-30V-40X/ VG300DOC-30V-20X/ VG300DOC-30V-10X:
Maximum part height
0.2" / 0.8" / 3.0" / 4.0"
Equivalent optical magnification (approx.)
40X / 20X / 10X / 5X
“Desktop" configuration
VisionGauge® OnLine Standard Edition
Software interface
Intuitive, windows-based graphical user interface (i.e. “point & click”)
Part fixturing configuration (if desired)
Tapped hole pattern on main working surface (#10-24)
Working surface finish
Hard coat anodized aluminum with glass insert
High-resolution, digital (9 MegaPixel)
LED-based (for very stable illumination conditions, with a very long life) • Programmable and computer-controlled (for repeatable illumination conditions) • Includes 3 different illumination modules: collimated transmitted (i.e. back), on-axis reflected (i.e. front) and oblique reflected (i.e. front) illumination modules are standard
Very low distortion telecentric, with long working distance and extended depth-of-field
Real-time mathematical image processing, enhancement and correction
Monitor size
4k resolution 43" Monitor
Auto Pass / Fail (to determine if the part matches the CAD data)
Auto Pass / Fail Control Sections & Geometric ENTITIES
User-selectable, with bi-directional tolerances
CAD Auto-Align
Yes: automatically align the CAD data to the part (either XY or XY & Rotation alignment) along an arbitrary number of user-specified datums.
Extended set of high-accuracy measurement tools
Sub-pixel accurate edge detection
Quickly carry out on-screen measurements using either the mouse or joystick
3-axis, 3-speed industrial grade
Image annotation tools
Quickly and easily save images of parts, either with or without the CAD overlay, measurements as well as time & date information
Built-in SPC capabilities, with automatic numerical charts & PASS / FAIL graphs
Automatic data export to Excel™
Automatic data export to other applications
Yes (through Windows™ DDE or other mechanisms)
Built-in Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support
Easy file data import & export
Automatically load-in a CAD file using the system’s barcode reader
Barcode reader
Honeywell, industrial grade
Align the DXF overlay (position & orientation) using either the external 3-speed joystick or the intuitive on-screen controls
DXF Overlay Toolbox for quick CAD data and settings changeover & recall
Yes (“1-click”)
Quick changeover between DXF overlay and crosshair or bull’s eye (for measurements)
Yes (“1-click”)
Supervisor-level / operator-level password protection
Operating System
Windows™ 10
Built-in “F1 Help”
Power requirements
110V, 2 Amp
Operating temperature
10 °C - 30 °C
Clear and easy-to-use documentation (both printed and electronic “pdf” format)
Support (by phone, fax & email)
Included for a full year
Free software updates
Included for a full year
1 year (complete)


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