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Precision Machining Solutions for
Virginia Manufacturers

Machinists at work in Method's facility

From Richmond to Virginia Beach, machine shops across the state of Virginia depend on CNC machining equipment from Methods for their most demanding applications. Our solutions deliver greater ROI for shop owners by improving cycle times, elevating product quality, and optimizing their production workflows.

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Regional Office for Virginia

David Chesnutt, General Manager


13607 South Point Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28273


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Engineering Services and Support

We offer value-added engineering services that streamline your equipment and operations for maximum quality and profitability.




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Supporting Virginia Industry Shops

Automotive manufacturing facility - Methods develops CNC machining, automation, and engineering solutions for manufacturers in multiple industrial sectors, including automotive parts production

Automotive Suppliers

Accelerating Virginia’s automotive sector, we specialize in precision CNC machining that drives excellence. From crafting intricate engine components to engineering chassis parts with unmatched precision, we fuel the automotive industry’s growth in cities like Richmond and Norfolk. Our commitment to quality and innovation is propelling Virginia to the forefront of automotive manufacturing.

CNC Machines for Automotive Parts

Aerospace Manufacturers

Our precision CNC solutions empower Virginia’s aerospace shops to serve a wider market with improved quality parts. In cities like Arlington and Hampton, shops produce essential aircraft components with unparalleled precision. From turbine blades to structural parts, our world-class CNC machines contribute to Virginia’s aerospace success, putting reliability and innovation into every component our customers produce.

CNC Equipment for Aerospace

aerospace engine

Medical robots signifying the medical manufacturing industry and precision production of medical device components and implants

Medical Manufacturers

Empowering Virginia’s healthcare landscape, CNC machinery from Methods drives advancements in precision manufacturing for the medical industry. With unwavering accuracy, our machines produce intricate medical devices, from diagnostic components in Alexandria to life-changing implants in Virginia Beach.

Machines for Medical Manufacturing

Job Shops

In cities like Roanoke and Chesapeake, we collaborate with machine shops serving multiple sectors to provide the latest CNC solutions for industry-specific applications. Our solutions empower job shops to deliver exceptional products across market sectors, powering growth and diversification for manufacturers.

CNC Solutions for Machine Shops


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