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Precision Solutions for
Texas Manufacturers

Methods production manager demonstrates Weiler E50-HD

Texas manufacturers around Houston, Dallas, Austin, and elsewhere rely on Methods Machine for precision machining solutions because our solutions reduce cycle times, enhance product quality of parts, and optimize machining processes to deliver the highest ROI.

Texas Regional Office

William Keim, General Manager


8500 Westland West Blvd.
Houston, TX 77041


(281) 720-8500

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Engineering Services and Support

We offer value-added engineering services that streamline your equipment and operations for maximum quality and profitability.




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Supporting Texas Industry Shops


Automotive manufacturing facility - Methods develops machining, automation, and engineering solutions for manufacturers in multiple sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical, firearms, die mold, and energy industries.


Methods Machine provides precision machining solutions for the automotive industry in San Antonio’s manufacturers and Arlington. Our machines produce engine parts, transmission assemblies, and chassis components with tight tolerances, exceptional surface finish, and superior performance.

Machines for Automotive


In Texas, Methods Machine supports the aerospace sector with machining solutions that produce critical rockets, drones, and aircraft components. Our machines ensure high precision, strength, and reliability in producing engine and propulsion parts, structural components, landing gear, and more.

Machines for Aerospace

An aircraft and turbine engine.

Medical robots

Medical Manufacturers

In innovation hotbeds like Austin and around Houston’s renowned medical institutions, manufacturers use precision CNC machines and services from Methods to produce implants, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment parts with intricate geometries for use worldwide.

Machines for Medical

Oil and Gas

Our precision machining solutions for the oil and gas industry in regions around Houston and Midland in the heartland turn to Methods for our state-of-the-art machines to produce drilling equipment parts, valves, and pumps with high precision, reliability, and resistance to harsh operating conditions.

Machines for Oil and Gas


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