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Why Turnkey from Methods?

BECAUSE Every Second and Micron Matters

Armed with the world’s best CNC machines and engineering team, Methods customers get exponential results when we design turnkey solutions for our machines, or as upgrades to your existing equipment.
Photo of a Fanuc machine

  • Optimum output and cycle time – You’ll know from the beginning the ROI and total cost of ownership. Our turnkey solutions produce shorter cycle times and greater uptime, which means greater throughput.
  • Seeing the future – Our Precision Center and Technical Centers offer you a first glimpse at our innovations and the limitless possibilities of precision turnkey machining solutions.
  • Tested and validated – We perform qualification runoffs on your custom turnkey machining solution to ensure systems meet the design, quality, and output criteria and your expectations. We get you running and keep you running with training and service.
  • Future-proofed – We plan for tomorrow so your new equipment enables your shop to capitalize on emerging opportunities for new industries, applications, and products for years to come.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Beyond machine efficiency, we calculate your true ROI, which factors up-time, ease of operation, and maintenance.


Turnkey Engineering as Lean as You Need

Whether you need automation for a single machine or an entire production line, we make your turnkey solution fit the needs of your shop and your jobs. Our team analyzes current output and identifies improved work holding and material handling opportunities to take your automated CNC applications to lights out or minimally attended.
Photo of a Yasda machine

Advantages of Turnkey Automation

  • Process complex tasks sequentially
  • Optimizing production/Throughput rates
  • Reduce material handling
  • Increased employee safety
  • Higher quality and consistency
  • Less wasted materials
  • Maximize floor space
  • Machine optimization – build/test solution
  • Product shipment & delivery
  • Machine integration
  • Trust – Service and Support commitment

Our Automation Capabilities


Designed for Your Industry & Application

From Tier 1/2/3 suppliers to OEMs, middle-level job shops, and specialty manufacturers, our turnkey solutions streamline machining operations, staying within your budget to deliver maximum ROI.


Let’s discuss your goals for Turnkey CNC

“My operators now spend their time inspecting tools instead of manually changing tools and parts. We didn’t have to shut down anything. It was a smooth transition.”

Steve Dillon | Vice President, CDP Diamond Products

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Training to Maintain Optimal Performance

We want your team to hit the ground running with your turnkey solution. Comprehensive training and documentation, a critical part of maintaining machine performance, sets your operators up to win and get what you expect from new solutions. We ensure equipment operators, engineers, and programmers turn out materials when equipment powers up.
Photo of a Nakamuro-Tome machine

Training Modules Available

  • Software and programming
  • Operator training
  • Machine service and maintenance
  • Customer-specific training


Where Precision Engineering Happens

the Precision Center lab where Methods Machine Tools tests CNC machining solutions for builders and manufacturers

As an exclusive importer of the world’s best CNC machines, Methods develops innovative turnkey solutions that push the leading edge of the precision manufacturing industry thanks to the advanced capabilities of our Precision Center.

What Happens at the Precision Center

  • The latest machining applications pushing boundaries
  • Climate-controlled environment for thermal stability
  • Isolated concrete foundations to prevent external vibrations
  • Security features for ITAR projects
  • Private engineering suite with restricted keycard access


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