VisionGauge is a powerful machine vision and image analysis software product that allows the user to capture, manipulate, analyze, store and output images and data.

VisionGauge, located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec Canada, is used to compute measurement statistics, count and measure discrete objects like particles, grains and cells. It also carries out many different types of reliable and repeatable high-precision measurements.

VisionGauge is primarily used on high-tech manufacturing industries for electronics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, precision mechanical components and assemblies. It is used for quality control, dimensional verification, documentation, training, as well as general imaging and high-precision visual measurement.

Digital Optical Comparators | VisionGauge

Digital Optical Comparators use CAD files instead of a template or overlay film to digitally inspect parts to a higher level of precision and convenience. It actively compares the measurements with nominal values for precise accuracy, enabling the user to judge whether the workpiece is acceptable.

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300 Series

Digital Optical Comparators

  • Instantly computes and displays deviations-from-nominal and out-of-tolerance areas
  • Needs no overlays, templates or Mylars™
  • Full automated measurement capability
  • Automatic image & data collection

400 Series

Digital Optical Comparators

  • Compact desktop system with large measurement envelope (up to 12″ x 12″)
  • 3 axis inspection and measurement system with manual stage movements
  • X and Y axes have 0.25 micron resolution encoders
  • Optional LASER module for Z axis measurements

500 Series

Digital Optical Comparators

  • Produce a very high contrast image with very sharp edge profiles so that there is no problem viewing it in full daylight
  • Include our patented CAD  Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™
  • Can compute and display the part’s deviation from nominal and compare it to bi-directional tolerances
  • Have LED illumination for very stable illumination over a 10 year life. No more bulbs to change!

700 Series

Digital Optical Comparators

  • Automatically verify hole presence & accurately measure hole location
  • Supports both round and shaped holes
  • 5 axes of motion (X, Y, Z, Rotary, Tilt) to properly view parts from all sides & angles
  • Quickly, easily and accurately inspect 100% of the holes on your parts

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