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Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a cutting-edge platform serving leading-edge precision manufacturing. FANUC ROBOCUT stands tall as the leader in the field with its exceptional range of operations. Explore why FANUC ROBOCUT wire EDM is the go-to machine for engineers and manufacturers seeking reliability, predictability, and ease of use when producing parts with complex shapes and exotic materials.

1. RELIABILITY: The backbone of robocut

Reliability is the bedrock upon which successful machining operations are built. FANUC ROBOCUT wire EDMs epitomize this principle:

  • Robust Construction: ROBOCUT machines are engineered with meticulous attention to detail. From the sturdy frame to the precision components, these machines withstand the rigors of continuous operation throughout the products lifecycle.
  • Maintenance Excellence: Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. ROBOCUT’s easy maintenance protocols and just a couple hours per week ensure that the machine remains in peak condition. Well-maintained machines translate to fewer wire breaks, accurate cuts, and consistent results.
  • Twin Servo Wire Tension Control: ROBOCUT’s unique twin-servo wire tension control maintains wire tension with remarkable accuracy. This results in consistent machining, fewer wire breaks, and reduced wear on machine parts1.


Predictability is key especially when producing high-precision parts. Operators can trust ROBOCUT will deliver exactly as intended through:

  • Advanced Control Algorithms: FANUC’s cutting-edge 31i-W Model B control software optimizes cutting parameters to ensure predictable results. Whether you’re working with intricate contours or thick materials, the machine maintains stability and precision.
  • Unmanned Machining: Available with option of up to 140 hours of unmanned operation, FANUC Wire EDMs allow manufacturers to maximize productivity. The standard 35-pound spool and wire cutter extend continuous operation, minimizing downtime.
  • Automatic Wire Feed (AWF): ROBOCUT’s unique AWF3 technology provides fast and reliable automatic threading in just 10 seconds. The wire is cut electrically, leaving a straight and burr-free pointed end, even on soft wire. The ROBOCUT series can thread fully submerged in OPEN water up to 20 inches without start hole.


A user-friendly interface is essential for efficient machining. ROBOCUT wire simplifies the operator experience.

  • Redesigned Control: The ROBOCUT α-CiC Series features an intuitive control system. Operators navigate effortlessly, adjusting settings, monitoring progress, and fine-tuning parameters. The redesigned interface streamlines workflows to reduce the learning curve.
  • Long Mean Times Between Failures: ROBOCUT wire EDM boasts impressive reliability. Operators spend less time troubleshooting and more time producing quality parts. Low maintenance requirements mean uninterrupted production cycles.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: FANUC’s commitment to the user experience shines through with upgraded mechanical structures and breakthrough advances that result in higher cutting speeds, superior surface finish, and precise dimensions. Backed by a FANUC lifetime guarantee, gain security knowing you will have parts at the ready for as long as you own your machine.



FANUC ROBOCUT wire EDM defines reliability, predictability, and ease of use. The robust construction, advanced control algorithms, and user-friendly interface make ROBOCUT an indispensable tool for precision manufacturing and a perfect complement to future automation. As the industry evolves, FANUC and Methods continue to lead the way to enable engineers and operators to achieve produce parts that exceed your customers’ satisfaction.

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