NTY3-100 Multi-Tasking Machines

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Nakamura-Tome has introduced a unique three turret 3 Y-Axis multi-tasking machine center. Compact footprint, with an ergonomic 60° slant bed. The ultimate high precision, high performance multi-tasking machine. In addition to the advantages of simultaneous machining on the left and right hand spindles, introducing the Y-axis on all three turrets, contributes to increased productivity. By using Y-axis for simultaneous machining with the upper and lower turrets, machining process layout optimization becomes a reality. Whether machining with multiple tools simultaneously on one side or on both the left and right hand sides, cycle time is dramatically reduced. The NTY3-100 is a high productivity, multitasking turning center that is at the cutting edge of speed and features the new Smart X controler.

Features & Benefits
  • Opposing Two-Spindle, 3-Turret Construction
  • 72 Tool Stations
  • 36 Driven-Tool Stations
  • 3.3 in Y-axis travel on Upper Turrets
  • 2.55 in Y-axis travel on Lower Turret
  • 8000 RPM Driven-Tool Speed (All 3 Turrets )
  • 15/10 HP Left and Right Spindle Motor
  • 7.5 HPx3 Driven-Tool Motor (Upper / Lower)
  • 2 in Bar Capacity
Max Turning Diameter
7.87 (200) in (mm)
Max Turning Length
22.44 (570) in (mm)
Bar Capacity
Bar Capacity L-Spindle
2.0 ( 51) in (mm)
Bar Capacity R-Spindle
1.7 ( 42 ) in (mm)
Chuck size
6 (165) in (mm)
Axis Travel
Slide Travel (B)
24.4 (620) in (mm)
Rapid feed (B)
1575 (40) in/min (m/min)
Slide Travel (X1/X2/X3)
5.9 (150) / 5.9 (150) / 5.5 (141) in (mm)
Slide Travel (Z1/Z2/Z3)
8.9 (227) / 8.9 (227) / 22 (560) in (mm)
Slide Travel (Y1/Y2/Y3)
±1.65 (±42) / ±1.65 (±42) / ±1.28 (±32.5) in (mm)
Rapid Feed (X1, X2, X3)
787 (20) in/min (m/min)
Rapid Feed (Z1, Z2, Z3)
1575 (40) in/min (m/min)
Rapid Feed (Y1, Y2, Y3)
314 (8) in/min (m/min)
Left and Right Spindle
Spindle Speed
5000 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
Hole Through Draw Tube
2.0 ( 51 ) in (mm)
Right Spindle
Spindle Speed
6000 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
Hole Through Draw Tube
1.7 ( 42) in (mm)
Least Input Increment
1E-3 degree
Number of Tool Stations
Number of Indexing Positions
Rotating Tool
Rotary System
Individual Rotation
Spindle Speed
86000 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Number of Rotation Tool Station
Drive motor power
Main Spindle
15 HP
Right Spindle
15 HP
Driven Tool Spindle
9.5/3 HP
Machine Weight
17637 (8000) lbs (kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Nakamura-Tome NTY3 (IMTS 2016)

Nakamura-Tome NTY3 shown at IMTS cutting brass.

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Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Up to 54 Tool Stations for Turning
  • 24 Tool Stations for Milling Tools
  • Y-axis on Upper (80 mm) and Lower (65 mm) Turret
  • Driven-Tool Speed: 6000min-1  (Upper / Lower)
  • Milling-Tool Motor: 7.1/2.2kW


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Modular Design
  • Choose from R-spindle Type or Tailstock Type
  • X and Y axis Travel ensure a Wide Machining Range
  • X-axis travel 5 in Below Spindle Center ensures a Wider Machining Range


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Number of tool stations: 72 Tools
  • Number of driven-tool station: 36 Tools
  • 4.4 in Y-axis on 3-turret
  • 6000min-1 Driven-tool Speed (on all 3 Turrets )
  • 30/25 HP Left Spindle Motor + 25 HP Right Spindle

Super NTJX

Multi-Tasking Machines

  • 40 Stock Tools (op.80, 120 Tools)
  • 6000min-1 Milling speed (Lower Turret )
  • 10/5 HP Built-in tool spindle motor
  • 7.5/5 HP Lower Turrets Driven-tool Motor

Super NTMX

Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Distance between Centers: max. 38.5 in
  • Milling speed (Tool Spindle): 12,000 min-1
  • 8.0 in Y-axis stroke (Tool Spindle)
  • Built-in tool Spindle Motor: 10 / 5 HP
  • Left Spindle Motor: 15 / 10 HP
  • Right Spindle Motor: 15 / 10 HP

Super NTX (W)

Multi-Tasking Machines

  • 24 Stock Tools (op.40,80,120tools)
  • Y-axis Stroke: 6.2 in (Tool Spindle)
  • Milling speed: 12,000min-1 (Tool spindle)
  • 25 HP Built-in Tool Spindle Motor
  • 30/20 HP Built-in Spindle Motor (L,R)


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • With up to 24-Tools per Turret, 48 Tools can be Permanently Available
  • Motor Power 15/10 HP per Spindle
  • Driven-Tool Motor Power 9.5/3 HP


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Left Spindle Motor 20/15 HP
  • Right Spindle Motor 15/10 HP
  • Driven-Tool Motor Power 7.5/5 HP
  • With up to 24-Tools per Turret, 48 Tools can be Permanently Available


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Left Spindle Motor: 35/30 HP
  • Right Spindle Motor 25/20HP
  • Driven-Tool Motor Power: 7.5/5 HP
  • With up to 24-Tools per Turret, 48 Tools can be Permanently Available


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Motor Power: 25/20 HP per Spindle
  • Driven-Tool Motor Power: 7.5/5 HP
  • With up to 24-Tools per Turret, 48 Tools can be Permanently Available
  • Up to 40 HP Cutting Power Available


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • 48 Tool Stations
  • 24 Driven-Tool Stations
  • 2.44 in Y-axis on 2-Turret
  • Driven-Tool Speed: 6000min-1 (Upper / Lower)
  • 15/10 HP + 15/10 HP L/R Spindle Motor


Multi-Tasking Machines

  • Distance between Spindles: 47.2 in
  • 48 Tool Stations
  • 24 Rotating Tool Stations
  • Left Spindle Motor: 25/20 HP
  • Right Spindle Motor: 20/15 HP


Multi-Tasking Machines

Nakamura-Tome MX-100

Multi-Tasking Machines

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