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Ocean Technologies
River 1000 Drilling EDM

The River 1000 is designed with 5-Axis tool center point (TCP) control drilling on irregular-shaped workpieces or special alloy steel parts. Its flexible working range is suitable for all kinds of aero engine blades and aero engine diffusers produced for the aerospace industry.

Ocean Technologies River 1000 Machine
Ocean Technologies River 1000 | Methods Machine Tools

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable TCP Control
  • High Table Capacity (3000 kgs)
  • Tilt Table up to 120°
  • Suitable for Aerospace Engine Components and Diffusers
  • E-Learning Software

Technical Data

CNC Controlled
X-Axis Travel
39.4 (1000) in (mm)
Y-Axis Travel
47.2 (1200) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
39.4 (1000) in (mm)
W-Axis Travel
27.6 (700) in (mm)
Table Dimensions
47.2 x 49.2 (1200 x 1250) in (mm)
Max. Workpiece Height
43.3 (1100) in (mm)
Max. Workpiece Weight
6614 (3000) lbs (kg)
Max. Current
64 amp.
Power Capacity
Electrode Diameter
0.004 - 0.236 (0.1 - 6.0) in (mm)
Electrode Material
Machine Weight
15432 (7000) lbs (kg)
Machine Dimensions D x W x H
171.3 x 167.3 x 157.5 (4350 x 4250 x 4000) in (mm)


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