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Diamond Innovations and Methods Machine Tools Bring Advanced EDM Automation to Reality

Diamond Innovations challenged several EDM providers, including their long-time partner and FANUC Supplier Methods Machine Tools, Inc. to eliminate the inconsistencies and provide a fully automated solution that would increase flexibility and capacity without adding labor costs.

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Methods Wire EDM is the Rx for Medical Manufacturer

Manufacturing medical devices is a painstaking business, and it isn't always easy to manage production. Greer Manufacturing (Prospect, CT) decided to investigave EDM solutions for their production troubles.

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The Automation Inspiration

Read how this EDM cell at Big Sky EDM runs at least two full shifts, seven days a week.

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Read how Fanuc EDM played a central role to PCD production at Riverside Tool

In order to keep competitive in the Polycrystalline Diamond tooling supply market, this Indiana based business chose a Methods backed Fanuc EDM cell to stay ahead.


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