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Specializing in Swiss-type CNC Automatic Lathes, Star CNC provides an extensive product line designed to meet a full range of machining needs for the production of precision parts.


Economical, space saving and extraordinarily productive, the SR-10J possesses C-axis control and multifunction capabilities. Designed for small parts with its high-speed feed, and full overlapping capability. Close cutting position to the guide bush provides enhanced accuracy for small parts machining.

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The SR-20J provides superior cost capability performance - whether you choose the Swiss Type C or Non-Guide Bush Type N. The original design achieves maximum rigidity and flexibility, as well as enhanced tooling to capitalize on basic and advanced machining applications.

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The versatile SR-20RII is a very popular, user-friendly model with improved power and additional tooling. It features fully independent front/back working capability and is built to produce complex parts for medical and other industries in one operation. SR-20RII's comprehensive machining capability and highly productive design efficiently delivers upon the latest machining demands with reduced machining time and an outstanding environmental safety performance.

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Star's newest machine, the SR-20RIII offers the latest in technology. Enhanced speed and performance through the latest Fanuc controller, with rapid speeds of 35,000 mm/min, combined with Star's proprietary "Motion Control" feature greatly improves productivity. Additional tools are incorporated to both expand functionality and enhance capability of the machine. The machine's rigid construction provides stability for very close tolerance work and significantly extends tool life. Improvements, versatility and a well known reputation for quality, Star SR-20RIII is highly suited for medical and other industries that are searching for the next-level machine for their needs.

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Power with maximum rigidity and high output drives are engaged for large diameter components with this new generation design. With a high rapid feed rate of 24m/min and a power-driven tool capability for the sub-spindle, complex machining productivity is further enhanced with a remarkably shorter process time.

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The SR-32J Type N, Non-Guide-Bush Type, is especially designed for complex machining of short work pieces. The reduction of remnant material length can dramatically change the production costs of large-diameter workpieces because such costs are easily affected by material costs.

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Optimum performance capability at the most cost-effective price. This economy model with five-axis capability offers up to three live tools, five/six turning tools and four end/back working spindles, while working at a high speed rapid feed rate (35m/min). High rigidity improves the cutting conditions on all difficult materials. The SB-16C will produce simpler parts in one operation, contributing to production savings. Priced to Sell!

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The powerful SB-16D reduces production costs and dramatically decreases machining time with its back-end tool post design. High rigidity is guaranteed; ultimately improving the cutting conditions on all materials, while its high speed rapid feed (35m/min) reduces idle time. The SB-16D is durably designed for ease of maintenance and serviceability.

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The SB-16E is the latest addition to the SB-16 Star family. This machine was built to produce complete components out of tough materials at a very high production rate. With its durable construction, fast rapids, improved sub-spindle capability and main/sub spindle phase synchronization - all offered at a very competitive price - this machine will fulfill the needs of any production requirement in a variety of industries. Fully independent back working capability will minimize machining time. The SB-16E packaged with Star's ASO-16 magazine bar loader is also available at an affordable price.

ECAS 12/20

ECAS-12/20's revolutionary dual control (numerical and motion) and high-speed turning facilitates secondary machining, with the capability to produce complex geometric components with minimized nonproductive time. Its 10-axis design features independent front and back working with 2-tool turning simultaneous operations. Unprecedented productivity, precision and operability separates this machine from the competition.


The first twelve-axis (12) Swiss Style Machine of its kind with a completely independent three (3) turret-design allowing three (3) tools to be used at any time, working simultaneously in the cut. Fully independent front / back machining capability with a huge variety of tools makes complicated parts a simple task enabling them to be completed in a single operation. Providing fast rapids and a quick tool change with great accuracies, the ECAS-20T is suitable for traditionally difficult and complex parts to manufacture.


This eleven-axis machine features a ten-position twin turret and eight-position backworking tool post and is designed for complex machining and high productivity. With a huge variety of tools, versatile multi-tasking operations, up to three tools in a cut "simultaneously, and Star's new Integrated Control System - the ECAS-32T is truly a winner in today's market.

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Faster machining time, versatile tooling and precise, powerful machining, the SV series covers every possibility of machining from small to large diameter work. This multi-axis and multi-group control machine line is optimal for highly accurate and complex machining of small parts and difficult to cut materials with its main/sub spindle. The SV series of user-friendly machines - with its various tool units and high pressure coolant - meets the demand of the next generation.

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SV-32JII is an innovative model with remarkable heavy-duty cutting performance of complex components by its 8-station turret tool post-design and the ability to mount up to 3-power driven tools on its gang tool post. A powerful and more rigid system, the SV-32JII is ideal to machine large diameter parts or shafts. High-speed and complex machining capability, also features main spindle C-axis control function as standard specification (15° as OP), sub-spindle 1° and 15° indexing function (OP) and AC servo drive to power-driven tools that enables rigid tapping.


The SC-20's non-guide-bush system presents the most cost effective machine with ultimate performance reliability, while yielding material cost reduction and energy conservation. Equipped with a centralized lubrication system and belt-closed spindle, the SC-20's durable design has a six-gang tool post and 4-spindle sleeve.

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