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2009 marked Yasda’s 80th anniversary.  Through the last eighty years Yasda has constantly strived to make the best machines in the world using our highly skilled engineers.  A high level of unique engineering expertise has been handed down through the generations to produce the most accurate and reliable machines.  Yasda uses their own machines to build Yasda machines.  Yasda’s daily precision machining of their own parts and performing the most complex test cuts for customers, allows them to put their machines through rigorous testing.  This results in innovations that continuously create improved Yasda machines.

Yasda combines the accuracy and durability of their machining centers with the highly skilled craftsmanship of scrapers to achieve unmatched accuracies.  Hand scraping is done on all key components including guideways, pallet top surface, spindle housing mounting surface.

If you require the ultimate in accuracy from your machine tool, you need a Yasda!

CNC Jig Borers

CNC Vertical Jig Borers are vertical jig boring-milling machines developed for boring and milling operations in which extremely high accuracy is required. The Jig Borers also perform heavy-duty machining, which conventional jig borers have never been capable of.

Precision Centers

The Yasda Precision Center developed mainly for the purpose of doing high-accuracy and heavy-duty machining at high efficiency, maintains extremely high machining accuracy and productivity as a continuous processing unit of FMS or as an unmatched machining cell.

5-Axis Precision Centers

This series of machining centers perform different kinds of high accurate face machining, 5-axis simultaneous machining and versatile cutting of complicated work pieces without any compromise in rigidity and stability of the machines.


Micro Centers

Linear motor driven controlled axes and a highly rigid body provide the highest in its class machining for speed, precision, and surface quality. This platform is available with both three- and 5-axis capabilities. 

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